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If you schedule your trip or excursion to Agia (Saint) Theodora of Vasta in Arcadia, or at the broader area of Arcadia and Messinia (Near Kalamata, Kyparissia, Dimitsana, Epicurious Apollo Temple, etc), you should definitely trust to have your food experience of local tastes at the “Neromylos” (Watermill), tavern. Nicklaus, with dedication to his mission, serves the traditional Greek dishes and tastes, made up and cooked with the grandma’s recipes and with carefully chosen raw materials, often from the garden or the farm that is there with chickens, roosters, grouses, goats and many vegetables.

The baked dishes are baked in the traditional brick oven that has the magical result to achieve and stimulate the feeling of the same old taste our grandmothers introduced, while all the dishes are made with original raw material as if someone has cooked at home.

The good news are that all the above, are available in really friendly prices, especially if you consider on top, that you are in the midst of the mountains and to a relatively isolated iconic scenery.

You see, the tastes when are made with love, they have the power to travel you in the biggest distance there is…: Getting you back in good old times!

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Neromylos tou Nikola
Agia Theodora Vasta Arcadias 22200
Tel.:+30 2791 0 81201
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e-mail: neromylosnikola@gmail.com

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