Agrotouristic park & traditional tavern at Agia Theodora Vasta Arkadias

The experience of the traditional Greek taste and virgin nature

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WelcomeTo the new site of the tavern & the park Neromylos tou Nikola!

Welcome to the new site of Neromylos toy Nikola (Nick’s watermill)
It’s our honor & pleasure to offer you an experience of authentic Greek tradition and to guide you as your “host” here, with the same dedication we do to every visitor of our agricultural “park of Greek tradition” that we built since 30 years now, little by little and with love for this place, the blessed area of Agia (Saint) Theodora at Vasta village to Arcadia county. The watermill, is operating at site for almost 150 years from Nicklaus (Nikolas) grandfathers, and given that, Nick for 3 decades now, is shaping stone by stone, an iconic agricultural park, where you can find:

tavern with brick oven
Traditional Tavern with authentic tastes cooked, from the old brick oven and in such a way that remind of grandma’s tastes, while in many of the dishes we use raw materials from our farm
Also of course, there’s the Watermill operating and graining wholegrain flour, from wheat, dinkel (twin seed wheat), and corn. The water-friction right next to it, (old fashioned laundry for items like blankets and carpets), brings memories to the elders, and is tutorial for the youngers, about the solutions that the old days existed so people where “rich” even with so little.
traditional products
There is a small shop with carefully chosen traditional products prepared from Nikolas’ people, and from small family firms, (like Greek pasta, traditional sweets like fruits in syrup, honey, walnuts etc)
lakes with geese
There are lakes and farm for geese and ducks and grouses and parrots, which relaxes you even with just staring at them
A small farm of chickens, goats, seeds and other, where we can apply natural recycling of our waste as we perform production, consuming, wastes, feeding and fertilizer.
wood bridges
Bridges over the small river that is purling as it flows parallel to the complex and under the maple trees, small lake with fish, springing water.
And, finally, lot of …nature!! Actual nature with walnut trees, plane trees (maple tree), endless greens singing birds and all year long water flows around!
Enjoy your ...excursion here!


Nicklaus Papakonstantinou – Helen Retziou

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Neromylos tou Nikola
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